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Health Guarantee & Agreement 

We adopt out our puppies as pet quality and do not guarantee the fertility of your pup. We advise having males neutered and females spayed at 6 months or when your veterinarian advises is best for pup. No other guarantee either expressed or implied exists between Buyer and Seller outside of this agreement. This guarantee is non-transferable. There is no guarantee of adult weight, coat, color or temperament of puppy.

Good Health - Seller certifies that as of date of delivery, the puppy has received its age appropriate vaccinations and de-worming treatments and is in good health. The puppy is of good quality and sound temperament. Buyer must take puppy to a veterinarian within 3 days from the time of receiving puppy (unless on a weekend or holiday then the next working day). Buyer agrees that buyer is responsible for all veterinarian costs. Buyer must mail or email a copy of puppy’s results to seller within 2 weeks in order for the warranty to be in effect. It is buyer’s responsibility to check with seller to ensure that papers were received. Failure to take pup to vet within 3 days and/or failure to send veterinarian’s report will void this warranty. Buyer is aware that owning a puppy means trips to the veterinarian and understands that buyer is responsible for all veterinarian costs.

Vaccinations and De-worming - We gave your pup its first de-worming at 2 weeks of age, as directed by our vet, and at 2 week intervals until you receive the pup. We strongly advise that you ask your vet and follow his/her recommendations about when and how you should continue de-worming treatment. We vaccinate at 5 weeks of age with NeoPar Parvo vaccine and Nobivac 5 way at 7 weeks. If your pup remains here past 8 weeks of age then age appropriate vaccinations are given as well.

Health Care & Maintenance - Buyer is responsible for the daily health care and maintenance from the time Buyer receives the new puppy. All costs and time necessary are part of the responsibility of new pet ownership. Because we feel so strongly about keeping your new puppy as healthy as possible and we feel that providing a premium dog food is imperative to your dog's health, Buyer agrees also to only feed Life's Abundance All Life Stages dog food for at least the first year of life and keep the dog in good physical condition with regular vet check-ups and treatment, grooming and exercise.

Compliance, Guarantee & Replacement - If Buyer complies with all terms contained within this agreement then Seller warrants the puppy for the first year of life against health problems attributed to a congenital health disorder that make the puppy unsuitable for the purpose of a "family pet." This warranty will cover life threatening congenital defects such as heart, liver and kidneys. Buyer understands that replacement option is only valid when health problems are attributed to this particular hereditary problem. Seller must be notified immediately if an identifiable life threatening issue is discovered and it is confirmed by Buyer's veterinarian that puppy has a congenital defect. Seller will also be provided veterinarian's name and contact information by the Buyer.

Congenital Disorders - Puppy is guaranteed to be free of congenital health disorders that make the puppy not suitable for the purpose of a "family pet" until the puppy reaches (1) one year of age. If an issue arises, buyer will provide seller a veterinarian statement. Upon reviewing buyer’s veterinarian's statement, seller veterinarian will verify if the claim is a legitimate claim.

Conditions Not Covered by Health Guarantee - This health warranty does not include, and is not limited to Coccidiosis or Giardia. Pups are preventatively treated for these while we have them, but are not guaranteed not to occur. These are common puppy problems. Buyer understands that the following slight genetic defects are not considered serious or life threatening therefore are not covered: umbilical cord hernia, undescended testicle, under bite or over bite. Also not included in this warranty is low blood sugar (hypoglycemia), ear mites, kennel cough, worms, hernias, ear yeast infection, mild luxating patellas or dehydration. Allergies, demodectic mange, thyroid dysfunction, and other auto-immune disorders are not covered by this warranty. Puppies can become stressed (even if they do not appear to be) when moved to a new home or unfamiliar environment. Sometimes teething, heat, or rain water and other things puppies find to eat (trash, grass) can trigger certain maladies. All precautions have been taken to insure that your puppy will be in good health.

Replacement Policy - Buyer understands that replacement option is only valid when health problems are attributed to a hereditary problem and not due to any physical problems that could be from the result of an injury or contagious and/or other illness. If it is discovered and confirmed by Buyer’s veterinarian that the pup has a congenital defect and buyer wishes to replace the puppy, the puppy must be returned, only with prior permission of the Seller, to qualify for a replacement puppy. Seller’s veterinarian will then examine the puppy to confirm the defect. No replacement pup will be given if the puppy is returned without prior permission from the Seller. If the pup is returned, it must be in good condition, other than the particular problem, and will be returned at the Buyer’s expense. Buyer is also responsible for transportation costs to and from the Seller for a replacement pup. Should buyer choose to keep puppy, seller will refund half of the purchase cost of your puppy (no shipping costs) or give buyer half off of a future puppy (does not include shipping). If your pup dies within this (1) one year time frame and the buyer wishes to prove a defect, the buyer will pay to have a necropsy (autopsy) performed by a licensed veterinarian to ascertain the cause of death. Seller must be notified within 2 business days of the licensed veterinarian’s determination. This agreement requires that there be an additional report from an unassociated veterinarian stating that they are in agreement about the cause of death. If the cause was congenital, it is buyer’s responsibility to provide seller’s veterinarian with both reports. Seller will not be responsible for any medical expenses incurred. Seller will replace pup of equality within 12 months and this is the only option unless otherwise decided at the discretion of the Seller. Buyer understands that the replacement pup may not have the same parents of the original pup. Buyer agrees that buyer is responsible for all transportation costs. 

Failure to comply with any of the conditions above will result in no compensation.

This guarantee shall be governed by the laws of the State of Arkansas.

Puppy sold to buyer subject to terms of this guarantee/agreement:


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