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I recommend "Autoship" every 2-4 months, based on the weight of your Maltipoo, Shih Poo or Mal Shi.  In most cases, the shipping charge is $8.85 per order (excluding any non-food products), therefore you will save on shipping if you order a greater amount of food that lasts a longer period of time.   For example, to start your pup out, I recommend a typical order of small Daily System for All Life Stages Dog Food, which includes an 8# bag of food and 30 Wellness Food supplements. I also recommend the Tasty Rewards Training Treats.  You MUST get the training treats!  I feed tiny pieces to the puppies to get them accustomed to a nice, healthy treat! They LOVE them!! Should you decide to change to a larger bag of food or additional products later then you could set up auto ship over a longer period of time.  Plus if you use Autoship, you are going to save up to 20% on your order.  So if your adult dog weighs 5#-8#, it will cost you approximately $18 a month to feed your dog the very finest premium dog food and supplements on the market today!  And LESS than $1 a day to feed and give tasty and healthy treats!  

I challenge you to find a healthier commercial dog food for less money! You won't, so why not just stick to what your puppy is already used to and doing wonderfully on?  He/she will have one less thing to adjust to when he/she leaves my home to become a member of your family.

Please order your puppy's food, supplements and treats ASAP so you'll have it in time for his/her arrival at your home! You may enter the website by clicking on the Life's Abundance Logo below to order.

Bear Creek Maltipoo

You may also call your Life's Abundance order in at 1-877-387-4564 and give them my Representative ID #20158908.
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