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Airlines have gotten very particular on shipping in summer months.  Rightfully so, we want our puppies safe and cool in the hot summer conditions.  Beginning in May, I can only ship your puppy on United Airlines.  Their prices are somewhat higher therefore I have to pass those charges on to you.  At this time, shipping is $450.  Once summer has passed, I hope to be able to ship from any of the three airlines listed above and that gives us a chance to find a less expensive option and be able to bring our shipping prices back down.   



Should the airlines have a rate increase since I last shipped, you are responsible for the additional charges.  You will be informed before the flight.  


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Puppy Delivery & Shipping

Do you need to ship your puppy? Are you able to fly into the airport to meet us?  If available to your area, would you be willing to spend a little extra money to have your puppy hand delivered to you?  I receive many questions of concern about shipping a puppy. Here are some common questions and my answers. If you have additional concerns, please let me know!

Q. I am really nervous about flying my puppy. How do I know my puppy will be safe?

A. All of my puppies are examined by my veterinarian and are given a health certificate certifying they are healthy to make the flight.

Q. What airlines do you use and where do you ship the puppies from?

A. I have safely flown American, Delta and United airlines. Puppies are never left out on the hot or cold tarmac or in a hot cargo area. They are always in a climate controlled environment - even on the plane. Locked safely inside their crates, the crates are strapped into a bay in the cargo area of the plane. The area is pressurized and the temperature is the same as in the cabin of the plane.

I use different airports depending on the airlines I use.  The puppy will be flown into the appropriate hub, depending on the direction of travel.  Puppy will then be transferred to the connecting plane just before the plane is ready for take off. If there are any unforeseen delays lasting more than 4 hours, pets are tended to by the on site kennel. Puppy would get fed, watered and the attendant would make sure any of their needs are met.

Q. How much is the shipping and what's included?

A. Shipping is $350 and includes puppy's vet visit, health certificate, new travel crate/kennel with pad, airline costs, insurance and travel to and from the vet's office and airport. Although the puppy's safety is my first priority, I will ship the least expensive way for you. Also included on the side of puppy's crate is an envelope, like a packing slip would come in, that will have all of the puppy's paperwork such as registration application, written health guarantee, veterinarian health certificate and other forms. BE SURE TO HAVE THAT PAPERWORK BEFORE YOU LEAVE THE AIRPORT!

Q. How old does my puppy need to be before he/she can fly home to me?

A. Puppies are required by law to be at least 8 weeks old before flying.  If puppy is deemed too small or just not quite ready to leave me yet, I will keep the puppy the necessary time needed until it is ready to make a flight.  This will be at no extra cost to you.  Puppy will also get any of its' necessary vaccinations and de-worming treatments at no extra cost to you.

Q. If you do have to keep my puppy longer, how do I know how to make plans to receive my puppy - as far as the date? 

A. I will let you know when the pup is ready to fly home.  We will work together on a date.  If you are unable to receive your pup at that time, there will be a boarding fee of $5 per day unless prior arrangements are made, plus $20 for each additional vaccination that is needed during that time.  The boarding fee is flexible according to circumstances.

Q. If I choose a puppy that is ready to come home now, what is the procedure to get my puppy a reservation and how soon can I get my puppy?

A. If you choose a puppy that is old enough to come home with you now, you need to make your payment and provide me with the following:

1. A couple of dates that will work out for you to pick up your puppy from the airport. I normally ship on weekends.
2. Your name and address as it appears on your photo ID. 
3. Your cell number you will have with you the day your puppy comes home. If you have an alternate phone number, I will give that to the airlines when I reserve the flight.

I will make all of the arrangements for the flight.  All fees, including price of puppy, shipping and handling charges are payable NO LATER THAN ONE WEEK prior to shipment of puppy - NO EXCEPTIONS. 

Q. How do I know when and where to pick my puppy up at the airport?

A. After the reservation is made, I will email your puppy's itinerary and confirmation number so you can print it. In the email, I will also list the pickup information for you. I will also include the airline's phone number in case you need to contact them.

Q. My children want to keep track of the puppy's flight. Is there any way we can do that?

A. Sure! You can track your puppy's flight at Delta Cargo Tracking American Cargo Tracking at enter the Air Waybill number supplied by me. Or you can track the actual flight using the flight number at Delta or American Flight Status.  You will know what airlines is caring for your puppy.

Q. I've heard that sometimes a puppy "nanny" can bring my puppy in cabin on an airplane to a major airport near me.  Is that possible?

A.  No, I do not use a "nanny."  In most cases it is against airline policy for an employee that is off work to fly with pups for others.  

Q. Is there any other information I need concerning receiving my puppy either by air or ground?

A. I just ask that as soon as it is possible for you to please call or text me to let me know you have puppy in your arms! You know, I loved your puppy first and I want to know puppy is safely with you!