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MALTIPOO -   Ginger, 6 lb. red Toy Poodle, and Max, 6 lb. Maltese  have Maltipoos that were born on November 4.  I expect these pups to average 6 lbs. mature.  They are all spoken for at this time.  They should be ready around mid January.

Families listed in blue are getting puppies I already have here.  They will be taken off of the list as they receive their puppies.  

I reserve the right to retain any pup from any litter

before offering for choices.

MALTIPOO -   Patty, 7 lb. Maltese, and Ryder, 4 lb. red tiny Toy Poodle will have Maltipoos in mid December.  I expect these pups to average 5-6 lbs. mature.  Families on my Priority Waiting List will have first choices from this liter.  Any available pups will be listed on the Available Puppies page.  They should be ready around mid to end February.

SHIH POO -   Goldie, 9 lb. gold Shih Tzu, and Chili, 4 lb. red Toy Poodle are expecting Shih Poo puppies around mid December.  I expect these pups to average 6-8 lbs. mature.   They should be ready around mid February.  I can no longer ship Shih Poos.  You may fly in and take pup back in cabin or drive to pick up puppy.

 ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Maltipoo Priority Waiting List

​Updated 12/13/18

Upcoming litters: 

1.  Penny B. - cream apricot female 5-6 lbs cream or with apricot ears

2.  Holly U. - black female or possibly another color

3.  Jacqueline N. - apricot female with white markings or white with apricot ears 5 lbs.

4.  Stephanie T. - 7 lbs. or less, dark red or apricot female

5.  Mary F. - small apricot male

​6.  Ivan K. - apricot female 4-7 lbs.

​7.  AJ B. & Jeremy S. - 4-6 lbs. apricot/light brown/dark cream female/male

8.  Shelby & Matt - 4-5 lbs. apricot male

9.  Terri M. - light color medium female 

10. Amy F. - 5-15 lbs. red/apricot/light brown male or female

​11. Dani F. - 6-10 lbs. apricot female


Now offering a priority waiting list! With your holding fee of $300, you will be placed on a priority waiting list for the puppy of your specifications.  When I have a puppy that I think matches what you're looking for, you will be notified according to your position on the priority waiting list.  If you are happy with the puppy choice then you will be required to place an additional non-refundable holding fee to have the puppy reserved for you (equal to 1/3 of the purchase price.) The priority waiting list will always be published so you can check your position.  All holding fees are non-refundable but are transferable to another puppy ​and will go towards the price of the puppy.

​I require a short                                  to be completed and returned to me prior to accepting your holding fee.  Once you have been approved, I will send you a Priority Waiting List Agreement that should be completed and returned with your holding fee.  Once the holding fee and completed agreement is received, I will sign and email you a copy.

Listed below are families who have placed holding fees either on a puppy I have now or are waiting on their babies to arrive!

If you are unable to get your request to submit, please email or call using the email address and phone number below.

Puppy News

Updated 12/13/18

~~~~Please refresh this page for the latest updates and news!~~~~



I will be happy to add you to my regular waiting list at any time. Just let me know what you are looking for in your perfect puppy and I will let you know if I have any available or if I am expecting any new litters!

​​​All pups come with a Microchip and registration!

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I believe that these dog babies are deserving of only the best homes – where a dog isn’t just a 

dog, but a family member. If you are looking to bring home a new dog baby and make it your

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